November 15, 2008

the storyteller

"Today, after making about 50 television commercials and six feature-length films, after winning 11 international awards, I often feel like I don't know the first thing about filmmaking. But I know this much:

If your intentions are pure, if you apply your craft with a view to observe humanity and, ultimately, God himself, very often something powerful will surface. And the next thing you know, hordes of strangers from all around the world are stepping forward to tell you "the story of their life or how their father died." (yasmin ahmad)

it is pleasing me when i read those words.yasmin is well-known for her extraordinary ways of making film, always tryin to do sumtin dat we less expected. ;) yet she's still keep her head down over anytin.yes anytin eventhough she have won so much awards in her career history.da very 1 thingy i like about her is 'ur thing' sincerely & make it pure.reading her blog perhaps cud help me out to be more passionate.haha indeed it is.thnx yasmin! =)

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